When it comes to muscles on a girl?

I know the current ideal of a women set by the fashion world is quite thin and tall, but that being said, regular guys don't chose them, gay guys do (the majority anyway.) That being said, I as a women am quite active I workout 5-7 days a week for 1-2 hours a session, this of course makes me quite muscular compared to others my age, and to the current ideal.

So what does the average guy think of a girl with some muscle? Not a female body builder or anything like that (I couldn't post a link, my apologies) but something like Shakira, Beyonce or *shudders* Kim Kardashian. Women who are toned and feminine


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  • I like skinny girls and so do my most of my buddies

    • Just a question, if I may. When saying that, do you prefer "petite" girls or slender regardless of body type? Petite and skinny can be two different things depending on preference

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  • Most guys don't like Shakira, Beyonce or Kim Kardashian. Whether it has to do with how annoying and talentless they are as individuals, who knows.

    Yes, most guys would choose link over link

    But that's life. The average dude can't be picky since the average female is a fatass so you're ahead of the game.

    I don't mean to sound rude, but you aren't the first athletic girl so don't act like you are.

    • most guys don't like beyonce? I am sorry to inform you that this is extremely untrue

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    • Mmm, well guys on here complain about girls being too muscular

    • I think that many more guys are attracted to the athletic woman than admit it. As men get older, they get more comfortable with themselves and no longer fear expressing their true feelings. I have never complained about a woman being too muscular.

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  • My girlfriend likes building muscles. It's good to be fir.

  • I have always like muscles on a woman.


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