I am getting uglier and uglier it seems by the days?

It seems like ever since 2 years ago, my looks are going down the drain. I swear I was better looking 6 months ago, and now I just look like crap. Even my mom mentions how uglier looking I have gotten. I have gained about 7 lbs, but its nothing that will do a noticeable amount of harm on my appearance. Something about my face doesn't seem to be right these days. I will say that I have been under a lot of stress, worrying, and depression and have been sleeping more than usual. Aside from that I Haven't changed my habits, is this aging? I am 22 going on 23 next month... Do girls looks tend to deteriorate after their early 20s? I will say that I used to be fairly attractive, not to sound vain, but now I am not feeling it and I can tell how differently people treat me compared to last yr.

I am scared of losing my looks so early!

Any other girl here experiencing the same thing?


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  • Im sure you've asked this question before because it seems very familiar.

    I strongly doubt that you look like a totally different person 6 months and 7lbs later.

    Why don't you try just giving yourself a girls day out? to doll yourself up?

    Get your hair fixed up, nails done and shop for some new outfits.

    • Well I could do that for myself, but I'm practically broke !

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    • Im sure there are outfits that look great on you. You just have to know what compliments your body type.

    • Youre not aging..im only 2years older than u. Aging is when your in urs 40s or 50s.

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  • What' the use of being good looking or beautiful,people will love you for looks not for the beautiful person inside you

  • Maybe an evil witch is stealing your life essence.

    • Yea I'm beginning to think that I am being punished for something...Maybe all those times I were actually attractive , I should have been grateful for it, instead of thinking I was ugly even then

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  • just work out and do what you can to work on yourself.


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