To shave or not to shave...THAT is the question!

While I was dating my ex-girlfriend, I got kinda lazy about shaving. Now that it's started growing out a bit and we've broken up, I'm wondering whether to shave or keep it going. I'm not very particular about it; I'm looking for completely superficial answers here. Looking at my profile picture, should I shave or not? If I do keep it, assume, I'll even it out and maintain it better.
I should add that I look significantly younger (like a teenager) when I'm completely shaved. I don't necessarily like how my hair grows in, but I don't like being mistaken for being 10 years younger than I am. "Therein lies the rub."


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  • it depends on the guy... some people look mature and intelligent with a beard and others like clean cut and youthful without one... it depends on your face.


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  • I usually shave once a week. A bit scruffy when day 6 comes around but still manageable. I would keep my face trimmed if I was dating someone though. I wouldn't want to irritate her inner thighs.

    • Yeah, I usually did in the past, but this particular ex never seemed to care. Thanks for the feedback!

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