Since hair transplants are safe and plentiful nowadays why aren't more famous people?

why aren't more people getting it done.

I mean famous people like nico cage, jason statham , dwayne johnson etc?

is it that they are afraid?

its not money Because their rich.

wonder why?


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  • because a shortage of hair shows high levels of testosterone, and has now become a good thing to get as you get older, because it shows that your not short of a few rounds in the bedroom and dispite your age, your as young as you feel, so basically, guys who lose their hair are the ones that don't age as quick.

    • i see what you did there. but f*** it a head of hair is better than an egg head.

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    • ok . thanks for the heads up man. :)

    • lol its a head start.

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  • maybe they don't want to change their typical look. and also it isn't possible to get it for every person. different hair = different case.


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