What to wear for an interview?

I have an interview for an internship at an engineering firm coming up soon and I have no idea what to wear! Not sure if I should go with a dress, skirt and blouse, pants and a blouse, jacket on top, high heels, flats, jewelry, perfume...! Everyone says I should dress to impress, but I'm completely stumped as to what exactly that means in a formal interview setting. Should I stay away from bright colors and flashy jewelry? How long should the skirt/dress be if I end up wearing one, and must I wear tights? Not sure if this makes a difference, but the interviewer is a male in his 50's.

Any suggestions/advice is appreciated!


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  • wear a knee length skirt, not too tight. just a plain pencil or a line type of hem in a basic color.

    pair it with a blazer or tucked in blouse and make sure it is buttoned all the way and the neckline is high.

    wear pantyhose

    wear low heels..plain black

    i would wear a blazer over the blouse if possible

    light perfume is fine

    and a pearl necklace or something very plain

    wear makeup but not bright colors or too heavy

    wear your hair down and blow dried straight


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  • Look professional... The suit and dress pants look. Do your hair nice and you can accessorize but keep it fairly minimal. Some nice earrings and a watch, maybe a bracelet or two, and a nice pair of heels. Make sure you smell good and you're done! :)

    • Does wearing a watch make a person look more professional? I had never thought of that, thank you!

    • I mean, it can only help, lol. You're welcome!

  • Wear a suit and go very easy on the jewelry and perfume. You should choose a conservative look -- like I said a suit of some sort. No bright colors.

  • Wear a conservative suit. Also, this depends on the company. You should call to ask about the dress code because I had interview with a company prefers business casual. However, I found the position on my own.

    Is this internship an on campus interview? If so, you should ask the placement office. They will be a big assistance because they placement office wants to look good.

    Good Luck

    • The interview is in the company's office building, so I would assume the conservative suit look is more appropriate. Thank you!

  • Suit. My company is business casual when not seeing clients but older people are still stunned when anyone shows up for an interview not wearing one.

  • Wear an evening gown

  • Dress sensibly and neatly but not flashy...(:


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  • Option 1:

    Black formal pants/black pencil skirt, white shirt , black blazer and black closed heels and a black bag and a simple pearl necklace . if you wear a pencil skirt put on a nude pantyhose

    Option 2:

    Grey formal pants, blue shirt with white or grey stripes (not dark blue) , Grey blazer , closed black heels and a grey / black purse

    Never wear bright colors or bold prints

    Dont accessorize yourself too much . instead keep it minimalistic with only a pair of small diamond or pearl studs or a delicate pearl chain

    Dont carry flashy purses . carry a simple yet classy black purse

    You can never go wrong with a black pencil skirt and a white shirt

    make sure your shirt is full sleeved

    wear a light scented perfume . don't use the strong very floral ones

    the skirt should be knee length

    And you don't need to wear tights.

    Heels / pumps should always be closed toed and not open toed

    Do Wear:

    Your hair in a clean and simple style

    Concealer if you need it

    A small amount of translucent powder to get rid of shine


    Neutral-toned lip gloss or lipstick

    A small amount of eyeliner & neutral eyeshadow (optional)

    Don’t Wear:

    Your dirty hair teased out to here

    Tons of caked-on foundation

    Smokey eye makeup

    Brightly colored eyeshadow

    Glittery or super bright lip gloss

    • Thank you so much, this perfectly answers my question!

  • Everyone keeps saying suit, which is true, but you can also get away with nice slacks/skirt paired with a nice blouse and shoes/heels. I just did some interviewing skills for a class and either is acceptable. That little blazer thinger isn't 100% mandatory. Without one is a more modern look, but still makes you look the whole "dress to impress" ideal.

  • suit. nothing short of a suit

    no flashy jewelry. low key

    • A suit seems like the best choice for an interview but I'm not sure if it's right for my age. I'm afraid it'll look like I'm trying too hard to seem professional.

    • That's not true. You can't be too professional. This is a formal job interview with a formal company, wearing a suit shows you're taking this seriously and that you respect them and want this position

    • Well said, I will probably wear one! Thank you!

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