Good contacts for daily makeup use?

I want some contacts that don't get all gunky with eyeliner and I wear eyeliner almost everyday so this is a hassle for me also I wear my glasses it between so what brand do you recommend. I'm currently Using Acuvue Oasys just the regular ones for near sighted.

SO what contacts would you recommend I'm also looking to try some colored contact lenses so what would you recommend ?


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  • there are really so many kinds and it depends on your eye type I don't think any of us are really qualified to answer that. for example there are many prescriptions and kinds and everything so you would have to ask a doctor.

    by the way, it isn't the contacts, it's the makeup.

    i wear acuvue oasys for astigmatism. I don't draw a lot of liner in my inner rims at all but I did on my top rim and it would ruin my contact lenses because I was allergic to that eyeliner and the formula was bad and it spread all over. I switched eyeliners and stopped having the problem. I would recommend doing that.

    but, the truth is it isn't so healthy to wear liner on your inner rims, at least if you wear contact lenses. try to only use it in the lashlines. it has a more flattering effect on the eye too.

  • i think I used to use the acuvue oasys with hydroclear ones. I switched to the generic equivalent though. its cheaper lol I haven't had any issues. I mean I don't wear eyeliner every day but when I do its not an issue.


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