A hair question?

The question has two parts.

1. I used to have hair sort of like the Justin Beiber style, sort of longer and swayed to one side. Though I decided to buzz it off one summer just for a new look. I liked it, because of less worry and just an easier cut. Though because of the old swayed hair, only the front hair (right about my forehead) sways awkwardly to one side even though it is short, like less than half an inch. So my question is how do I fix this? get my hair back straight.

2. My second question is I am thinking of letting my hair grow out again, not terribly long at all but something to style and give a mature look. I have brown hair, it is kind of thin (family trait but I am not balding out at all), and grows straight besides mentioned in the first question. Any hair style suggestions?


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  • 1. There's nothing you can do other than use straightening serum, gel/hairspray it down, or straighten or blow dry it. If its naturally coming in this way than you can't make it naturally another way.

    2. I personally don't like long hair so I can't really help you out there. Its not usually easy to make long hairstyles look mature. Just make sure your hair looks clean and well groomed if its long.

    • My hair wasn't like that naturally before my previous hair style.

      And for a style for hair, I didn't mean long, long. A couple inches such as 1-3, very short in terms.

    • Sometimes how the hair is cut can change how it naturally lays.

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