Do you think I went wrong because of what I wear?

So people do you think I went wrong cause of what I wear. I turn on the guy I dated so much that he wants something casual and does not want a relationship. As he gets so tempted around me!


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  • dude, this site has some loser nazi mods or something. they remove anything that is politically incorrect or even slightly offensive to some prudes. So what we get is a filtered restricted discussion, sounds like communism. Your post got removed because you talked about something "inappropriate" ? Ridiculous.. this site is about relationships, which means talking about sex, wearing lingerae or anything else should be the norm.

    I bet anything that some girl got jealous reading it and flagged it, and then some moron mod just removed it since it offended someone.

    • and watch, I bet anything someone will remove this! if they do.. I'm out of this site.

    • Yes very true. I guess I shouldn't post silly questions :/

    • nah you should just leave.. why stay when its full of douches.

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  • What do you wear?

    • Vest tops,jumpers,cardigans etc. Skinny jeans,jeggings ,leggings. Casual wear for uni and dresses at weekends to go nightclubbing. Normal clothes really. Nothing seductive. No cleavage or legs on show. But cus I have big boobs and a curvy waist and bum I get a lot of the wrong attention :/

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    • "don't need no man"

    • That's right don't need no man. I just want one. Being needy means desperate and that is what I'm not. I would like to meet a nice guy and be happy. Same as most women. :) but I don't need a guy for possessions. Not a goldigger.

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  • I know exactly what your going through ! It seems like these guys want plain janes & not the sexy hot mama's that know how to make a guy look twice. I've been dealing with the same thing! I'll go see a guy looking scandulous & he ll say are you going out or why are you so dressed up ? I'm like sweetness I always looks like this?

    • Its mad like. I liked a giy and I dress casually but trendily. I wear colors and I love make up and stuff. He fancied me bt he has a girlfriend who is a real plain jane. Its like he just sees me as sexually attractive but he wouldn't pursue me for a relationship. Its like guys want girls that no one else wants. A guy I used tyo date hated the attention I got and used to put his hands around my waist when guys stare at me on the roads. :/

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    • I know all guys get horny, but its about finding a guy tht can control himself an cn act appropriately rnd a girl. :)

    • Yes ma'am so true! :)

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