Am I too short to be attractive?

Let's put personality aside for a minute.

I'm 5'4''. Am I too short to be physically attractive to girls? If a guy has an OK face at the very least but does not have the height could girls still find him physically attractive? Or is it a big no-no?


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  • lol- don' t worry!

    I'm not a tall woman- not even average sized!

    But when I put on some heels- not even high ones- I stand taller than my husband ;-)

    Doesn't trouble me- doesn't trouble him at all! And he is more of a man than any taller guy I ever dated! And when it comes to physics...well he is absolutely brilliant in bed ,-)

    It just feels so much closer- when we hug, kiss and so on! Its nice to REALLY talk to someone on eye level- if you get my meaning

    I guess most girls do prefer tall, muscular guys... maybe has something to do with having a " big protector" to feel safe etc...

    But my guy gives me those feelings, too! Even if he is short, I can still fall asleep in his arms my head resting on his chest!

    Its all about the point of view... I would never look twice at a guy who is more than half a head taller than matter how handsome- because I don't like it...

    There is absolutely NO reason why a girl wouldn't find you attractie only cause your short if she likes it! And I guess there are enough of em around ;-)))


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  • It doesn't matter, most girls are attracted to the size of what's hanging inside a guys jock me they are all lying if that say size doesn't

  • A lot of girls are 5"3 so I don't think it's a big deal... short guys can date short girls and then their height doesn't matter and there are plenty of woman who care more about personality than they do about looks.

  • I used to have a crush on a guy who was like an inch shorter than me. Didn't detract from his attractiveness.

    • ignore him. what was the guy's height? and what's your height?

    • You are so annoying JimCarrey50. All you do is try to get a rise out of people. He was 5'2", and I'm 5'3". He was a great guy.

What Guys Said 4

  • people say to us guys we should not make excuses that we can't get a girl, but honestly, there are things that are literally impossible to overcome, that is the cold harsh truth

  • Holy Bunyon, Batman! He's a fu┬ękin' giant!

    I wish I could be 5'4" for a day.

    You'll do just fine.

    -Your 5'1" friend from way beyond

  • No, you're not too short. I'm 5'4" and I have no problem finding girls that like me. A taller guy will always have an advantage, just the same as a guy with model looks or a lot of money. But don't worry about it. Just make an effort to make yourself as attractive as possible (join a gym, play sports, wear nice clothes, take up hobbies, do interesting things, get a good job etc.) and change the things that you can change rather than worry about your height which you can't.

    Most girls prefer a taller guy (than them) or at least the same height, but 5'4" is the average height for a girl in the UK so that means half the girls here would be OK with me (I don't know where you're from, might be the same). And in fact I've had quite a few who were taller than me. If you have other attractive qualities they will overlook your lack of height.

  • I fear this too, I don't know why I am sure it is fine but I worry about being short


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