How important or what difference does name brand clothing make?

I don't buy any of the name -rand clothing because to me it's just as good to buy the non-name-brand stuff. But I know when people see a person in a more expensive pair of clothing or shoes that an impression is given. Yes, sometimes it can even be a negative one.

So do people really get impressed seeing someone wear name-brand clothing? Does the fact these items cost more allowing anyone wearing them to silently say, "Look at me! I can afford the more expensive name brand clothing!" play a part? Would this make a person who has money but still buys the non-name-brand stuff look cheap?


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  • Well I don't think there could be any negative expression other than jealousy of people that do wear brand name clothing.

    Here are a few stores I shop at:

    * Hollister.. I have about 15 shirts from there.. I just had like 10 thrown away ;/

    * Abercrombie & Fitch.. about 10 from there

    * BeBe.. 3 or 4 from there

    * American Eagle.. around 5 -10 shirts from there.

    And I will shop at Kohl's and Macy's .. I don't think those are brand name ;)

    But the point is.. if you sit there are get a shower every morning,

    wear a nice shirt.. even a polo from Macy's or something, or a

    tee will make that look ok. And some jeans.. you already look nice.

    So any outfit you get should cost the LEAST of around 20 dollars if

    you are shopping at Hollister or something like that.

    If you have money, friends and people that care about you will realize it.

    if you come to school with the newest iPod, and the iPhone.. or the newest

    thing out there... I think that gives away you are rich. But maybe you should

    try PacSun if you're a skater kind of guy, or Hollister on any guy looks good,

    too. If you are undecided.. go buy one shirt from PacSun and one shirt from

    Hollister and wear it. I think you will feel a lot nicer and people will treat you

    better, too. ( Which is really sad that people care.. but I'm being honest )

    As for getting impressed, DEFINITELY. It's stupid but true..

    The average eye anymore looks for name brand. If you have a shirt

    from Hollister without that little bird people will wonder where you got

    it, even if you got it directly from the store. ( some of their shirts won't

    have the bird when you shop there )

    When you have a clean face, nice hair, nice clothes and smell good..

    it gives you an amazing first impression with anybody!

    ;) Good Luck!


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  • Right now I'm wearing a J. Crew shirt and Paper Denim jeans. Know where I got them from? The thrift shop and Marshall's.

    I love having higher priced clothes because *I* can feel/tell a difference in the way fabrics hold up, stretch, etc, but rarely do I pay retail. The only thing you'll ever find me splurging on is jeans, and that's only because I'm tall, curvy and wear jeans almost every day of the week- so it's worth the investment.

    Anyway. The difference to me is quality and when I say that I'm referring more to designers, not just American Eagle or whatever popular mall stores there are. You can look great in clothes that are hand me downs and horrible in something couture. I don't think clothes are as important as how people carry themselves.

    • I agree; brand labels are mostly about quality. The trick is to find them cheaply at outlet stores, rather than paying full department store prices.

  • Personally, I don't care whether a guy wears name-brand stuff, as long as he keeps himself looking clean and nice. My little brother used to be really into that stuff and I never understood was a lot more expensive and really wasn't any better quality. About two years ago or so, he decided that it wasn't really worth the money and started buying off-brand clothes, and guess what? He's still extremely popular with the girls. And he's still in high school, when girls are supposedly more petty about that sort of thing.

    So I really don't think it matters all that much what name is on the front of your shirt, if any name at all. If you do want to wear name brand clothes, though, try a thrift store. Plato's Closet is a good one, if there's one in your area. They specialize in pre-worn name brand clothes at a fraction of what you'd pay at the retail store.

  • I don't get what the label thing is in america over here in europe we just go to the high street shops or the shopping centre everyone just gets there clothes from h&M , topshop, new look, jack jones all them shops there cheap we don't do the label thing in ireland and england or anywhere in europe really !! its stupid wasting money on a label when you can get a lot more nicer stuff for cheap!! honestly labels are not a big deal at all over move here!!lol

  • I don't look at labels when I buy clothes. I have to pay for everything myself so I always look for bargains. Plus if I like it enough then it shouldn't matter that I got it at walmart or some outlet store, because I think its cute and that's all it should matter. I have had friends that only shopped an abercrombie and hollister and I thought they were stupid for paying $75 for jeans and tops. I have a couple things from those stores, but they definitely were on sale. I don't look at guys for what they wear...I look at them for who they are.

  • In my personal taste I don't care if someone is wearing clothes from a thrift store or from the mall, the clothes would only get you so far and the clothes are just material items, if someone is saying stuff about your clothes then they are shallow and need to get a life.


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  • It tells all about the person yet it doesn't at the same time. Some can pull it off really well, while others are trying to stick the brand in to your eye with how they carry it or talk about it. I am indifferent to either. If I like something I will go buy it if I think it is a reasonable price. And the cheaper it is, the less likely it is that I will feel buyer's remorse, if I don't like it after a while and can't return it either.

    In fact, I just noticed after reading your question that all the t-shirts I am wearing in my profile pictures are either free (samples that a friend hands to me every now and then) or no more than five bucks (in outlets) and I love it. :)

  • To be honest, where people are showing off with branded clothing, they are obviously highlighting flaws in their personality . Anyone who thinks that clothes brands matter is obviously shallow and seriously lacking some social skills .

    The only "brand" I wear are the names of the bands I listen to, but that is just because I like to share my musical tastes with people .

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