I think that I look bad. How can I change it?

I think that I look bad. How can I change it? I look at magazine to get style tips or see what is in season right now but I am not comfortable in the clothes. What should I wear to attract women?


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  • I second what Hades has to say. Go with what feel good, if you wear something you're uncomfortable in, your unease in your own outfit will make you less attractive than having a less than "hip" style.


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  • 1. Definitely be comfortable in what you wear and how you look because if you're uncomfortable that's going to show and you're going to be so miserable everyone around you is going to be miserable

    2. Take a trusted girl friend shopping with you and have her help you pick out some stuff you'd look good in


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  • I'm definitely no expert on attracting women, but I think you should just wear what you like and feel comfortable in. I think personality plays a bigger part than how you dress in attracting women.

    If you still feel bad, why not try getting a different kind of haircut? Mix it up!


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