Is it stupid to get a tattoo of birds if you are scared of birds?

i REALLY want a bird tattoo and have liked the thought for years. but everyone knows that I have a fear of birds and I don't want them to be like why would you get a bird tattoo if you are afraid of them?i just really think bird tattoos are artistically pretty


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  • Here's a foolproof way to answer your question If you need someone elses opinion to determine whether or not you get a tattoo, don't get one.


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  • I'm an artist and enjoy the artwork, but in general think getting a tattoo is stupid to begin with. The fact that you have ornithophobia doesn't alter the level of stupidity. =P But to each their own. If you want a tat, that's your choice, and it should not matter what anyone else thinks. You're the one that has chosen to brand your body with that artwork and will be the one that has to live with it.

  • Many people get tattoos of snakes, tigers and scorpions, and I highly doubt that they would willingly engage such an animal personally.


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  • Bird can be a symbol

    of many different things

    and many people I know consider

    them graceful and cute creatures =)

    If you do decide to get the tattoo.

    convince yourself that it's

    to mark the start of a new

    phase in your life where you won't

    be afraid of birds =)

    I don't think it's stupid at all =)

  • are you trying to get over your fear of birds, by getting a tattoo of one?

  • Well that is kind of weird. You can do whatever you want, and that's fine, but wouldn't you prefer to get a tattoo that has meaning? It's strange to get a tattoo of an animal you don't like and have no connection to on top of that. Tattoos of birds might be artistically pretty in your opinion, but you could probably find something that has meaning to you that is pretty as well.


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