Darkening hair color, for men.

Guys have you ever tried it, did it turn out better or worse?

Girls, what do you think about guys darkening/dying their hair?

Currently my hair color is dirty-blonde/blonde, sort of like this: (I kind of look like this guy too)


This is a little darker than what I was thinking, but it's close enough:


If I were to get this done it'd be done by a professional, and short term, at least at first. I've been entertaining the thought for awhile, but I really have no idea what the upkeep will be like, the cost, and if it'll be worthwhile in the end. I'm not looking for a dramatic change, but something that's noticeable.

Thoughts, opinions? Should I just settle for a haircut?
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  • You have a nice color, don't change it. Black tends to look artificial/fake. I personally wouldn't be turned on by a guy who dyed his hair. I would just think that he's a little too into how he looks for my tastes. In terms of the upkeep; you have to remember that your roots/natural hair color will come in. Either you keep up with the hair color, shave your head, or change the color/strip it to match your roots.

    • I decided to take your advice after looking into it more. As nice as it might seem short term, looks to be a bit of a pain in the long term. Thanks again.

    • No problem! Glad I could help!

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  • Well, I think it depends.. If you have blue eyes don't change your hair color, because blond hair and blue eyes is HOT. But if you have any other color of eyes, go for it!

    • I knew I had forgotten to mention something, thanks for bringing that up. I have green eyes.

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