Guys can either date a "hot friend" or a less attractive random chick?

Does this seem right?

Girls either date a guy that started out as a friend in their "social circle"


Girls date a guy that randomly hit on them.

This is obviously the two choices.


But my question is which case gives a guy an opportunity to get the more attractive girl

Where he is friends with a girl first, and they grow to have an interest in each other due to shared goals interests and personality. This occurring all while hanging out with other friends.

Where as, if a guy hits on a girl randomly, she will only really give him a chance if he is a pretty cute guy and she already has mutual physical interest. Meaning a more attractive guy.


So do you feel a guy's best chance to have a "more attractive" girlfriend is if they already knew each other from their social circle?
Let me rephrase.

Ladies, are you more likely to date a "less attractive" guy that started out as a friend that you got to know?

Less attractive meaning : less then your minimum attractiveness standard for a random guy that hits on you.


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  • I think following your logic it definitely makes sense...the only thing is that it's riskier to have hot female friends for the sake of hopefully being able to date one of them because you could get stuck in the friend zone. The guy does have the advantage of getting to know "more attractive" girls instead of hitting in random ones, and the girl has the advantage of knowing whether the guy friend is interested in dating or just a f*** (which is much harder to tell if it's a random guy).

    • Well, the hope is that the guy has la bunch of female friends to choose from.

      Then he just happens to really connect with one of the hotter ones.

      My question I guess is if girls are more likely to date a less attractive guy if he started as a friend.

  • For me its completely random. I don't care whether I know him or not, its just a matter of how well we get along, his morals, their goals and all that stuff. To me it's a craps shoot. Did you ask when I was single, do we get along, do I like you?

    Though I'm going to put this bluntly- if the first reason a guy is dating me is because he thinks I'm hot or have great t*ts or a perfect ass he's not going to be dating me for long, if at all. I want my man to think I'm good looking, the best looking, beautiful, sexy and all that but that should be secondary to my personality, to our connectivity.


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