Could you deal with a girl getting a nose job if... was the result of an old injury?

I broke my nose when I was 14 and it healed really crooked. I'm 22 now and my ugly nose has caused a lot of teasing, low self-esteem, and has kept me from getting guys. I know guys say they hate fake or plastic girls, but could this be forgiven?


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  • Fixing a past injury is not the same as "fake".

    Fake is getting colligen injections for your lips, busting up a perfectly normal nose because it's not your "ideal", or getting big fake 38DDD boobs because you think they'd be better than your 34Bs.

    Fixing a nose that's crooked from an injury is like going to the doctor when you have a sore throat. Go. Get it done. Heal up. Then never think of it again because you're only putting things back to how they were before you got injured, and no guy will care about you doing it for that reason...unless he's got a crooked nose fetish. :)


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  • of course! I would not mind at all. poor girl. its not your fault now, is it


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  • what guys SAY and what they DO are totally different things. do you really think a guy would become attracted to a woman, begin dating her, and then dump her disgustedly once he learned she had surgery? they're attracted to what their attracted to, fake or real. so F what guys think and do what makes you happy. trust me they'll be attracted to you regardless so don't feel any pressure trying not to be "fake"


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