Which dress would you pick?

I need help from the GAG community once again in choosing what I wear.

This time, I'm going to a wedding in Canada this May. I found two dresses that are very nice. But unfortunately, I cannot choose both. I have brown skin, am slender, and around 5' 8".


Dress A link (in cream)


Dress B link
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I feel bad now...I found this link at my other favorite site... ugh.
Everyone is split on this decision ! o__o
I went back to check the site, and the sales are gone ! Those dresses were $30 and $40...now they are regular price ! ):
So I just told that the bride wants "close friends and family" at her wedding, even though we already got the "okay" to attend. I don't know why she decided now after almost a month as passed. Anyway, thank you, everyone, who voted and commented !


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  • The first one is super elegant! Love it! Though, the detail in Dress B is really cool too... I feel like I can picture Dress A being worn at a wedding more though?


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What Guys Said 2

  • Second one is hotter in my opinion.

  • I suppose it depends on which one is most compatible with your overall proportions, but I think A is much nicer. It has a sexy, suggestive, and playful flair. B to me is a total turn-off. It reminds me of an ill-fitting jacket combined with a backwards apron.

    All my subjective opinion, of course...

    • The third dress is quite nice. A if you want to attract a lot of attention, C if not.

    • Yea...you are absolutely right. :/

What Girls Said 9

  • I fell in love with the first one, it was like love at first sight! It is elegant and will make your figure look like you have curves, you have good taste in style. I like dress B as well.

  • i think A is nice if it fits your body!

    but I think having a longer dress for the wedding would be more suitable but its all your decision : )

    have a great time at the wedding ;)

    • I'm a little worried about it being too low. I have B boobs lol

    • there are these stripes you can put on the dress so it will stick to your body :) I hope you know what I mean :D then you won't have any problems;)

    • I'm not completely sure I know what you're talking about, but I'll be sure to Google it.(:

  • I'm not sure if you are still buying them since the prices went back up but anyway, I voted for A. The shimmer in the fabric makes it a bit more special and formal. But you might want to consider having sleeves or at least a little jacket on hand because May in Canada can still be a bit chilly depending on which province you're in.

    • Hopefully, it'll go on sale again or the company will send out a discount code through email. Anyway, thanks for the jacket tip !(: I'm not sure which part of Canada we're going to, but I'll be sure to ask.

  • I love the second one, although it may be a little too casual for a wedding. Dress A is cute too but its see through. You're definitely going to need a slip.

    • the 2nd dress can be too casual for the wedding, but that can change with the way the hair and make up are done, and also the accessories that are used, if that's done right :) . If the dress, and also the hair, make up and accessories are all too formal, I think the girl will look like someone who tried too hard and it cannot look that good in the end, either... ((personal opinion only**))

    • Ehhh I don't know. It really depends on the type of wedding. I also think the person's relation to the wedding party has a part in it too. So many different scenarios are possible. Usually you want to be formal for a wedding. You can def wear the second dress if it would be appropriate for you/the wedding.

    • I don't personally know the wedding party. One of my mom's best friends (who's known me since I was born) asked me and my mother to come along. I'm sure I'm gonna see one or two people I know, but otherwise, I don't know anymore details about the wedding itself.

  • the second one. it looks really feminine :)

    The first one looks really "US-ish" to me (here in South Europe I only see older women wearing those types of clothes, with those cuts) - and I don't think those clothes are flattering... But I maybe hat has to be with the women I usually see wearing them?... They also don't look that feminine @.@' ... in anything.

    BUT, if you have dark skin, I think the one with the yellow tone would be really flattering! More than the cream one, and more than the blue one.

    The blue/ third one can only look good on you if you don't have broad shoulders. . . and you're reaaaaaaaaaaally slim.

    Still, if you have dark skin, more or less my height and you're lucky to be slender you can probably use any and be just perfect ^_^ !

    But the yellow one is still my favorite :) , with the awesome color, the cuts in the back and along the sleeves... so sexy :D . And It would look awesome in someone tall, with her long legs showing ^_^ .

  • dress A hands down.

  • C is perfect!

  • I love the third one!

  • i think B is better


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