What would you girls do if this happened?

So recently my friend who is a girl told this other girl that I thought she was attractive. Apparently her response was "Oh really?" like she was kind of intrigued. I didn't tell my friend to tell her and I felt slightly betrayed but that really doesn't matter and I'm not like mad about it. It's not like I have a huge crush on her I just think she's attractive. Anyway my question is how would you girls react? If you liked him would you maybe try talking to him more or looking at him more? If you weren't interested would you avoid him? What would you do in either case?
I also happen to know she thinks I'm talented (music). She's told me multiple times how good I was after a performance. Everyone does this though so it's not like she's the only one who says that.. She's also snuck up behind me like twice and tussled my hair.


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  • Maybe the girl is hoping you'll ask her to hang out, so you can see if you actually like her. Your friend was probably trying to help you out by letting the girl know you think she us attractive so maybe it can go somewhere. If you want girls to keep stuff like that secret you have to tell us otherwise we think you want a messenger.


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