Do guys like girls that look like Barbies?

Sometimes I like to go all out and make my make up look like a barbie... I never considered if guys actually liked it... just one of those things where you know when you go outside almost every female or little kid will compliment you... like you worked for your compliment. instead of you look like Janet Jackson or your eyes are so big and gorgeous, or teeth are so perfect. ( those are what I usually get everyday)

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not naturally barbies... like enough make up to make them look plastic basically
9 out of 16 guys say yes in some way. -3/20/2011 7:50 Eastern close but liking is winning


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  • No guy really likes plastic girls, except spaced out sub 16 year olds. I mean, it can be funny at a costume party, but to look that way all the time, no no no...

    • how can you say no guys? there are guys are polling mostly on some girls

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    • Girls' opinions on style matters definitely affect guys, we know they pay more attention to those issues than we do.

    • ok just never mind you think you are every man

  • Nope. Looks really creepy actually. Like really, really creepy.

    • hows it creepy?

    • When the skin looks plasticky like that, like it's been airbrushed, it makes them look inhuman. Mechanical, in a way. Like an android with primitive latex based skin covering their mechanical parts rather than organic skin.

    • lol ok

  • on some girls... They look flawless and sexy some girls try and fail and look like clowns... I guess either as a thropy wife all the time... it's defianntly gonna turn me on if she's fine

  • No. I prefer my women to be themselves not to mimicking a piece of plastic. All women are beautiful in their own way.

    • so what if mimcking a piece of plastic is what they find beautiful?

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    • what ifyou think barbies are beautiful ? I've always thought barbies were beautiful. no one is really original

    • I have to agreed on this one. Touche~ Saluta

  • Boooooo Nikki Minaj. She is fake to me but she can actually rap

    • how is she fake you don't even know her? she's famous threw the television screen its all an act.

  • Some guys are into it others aren't it's as simple as that.

  • When a girl's skin reminds me of a porcelain doll, it reminds me of all those really bad horror movies about killer dolls. So Imma have to go with "no."

  • Yes.

    • on all girls?

    • Well, Barbie does come in all colors but her proportions and body/face structure remain the same, so yes. :)

  • yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    • on every girl?

    • noo... reading on of your reponses. and my rply good way to choose BA to an active user so why go you only choose girls sounds a bit sexist to me ?

What Girls Said 3

  • Some people dig it,some people don't.Period.Although,i don't understand why Best Answer has to be a response that is just stroking your ego.I don't get it...youre asking If guys would be into your "look"...not whether or not you're pretty.Secondly,if you spend time to make sure you look like a barbie when you go out,and people seem to compliment you,i think you already know that is a positive what's the real question here?Whether or not someone is pretty or whatever boils down to someone elses preference. This is all my observations.

    • I don't choose my best answer on who answers the best all the time I choose who I feel like... her response had nothing to do with my question but she's an active user on GAG so why not give her the extra xper. And My best answers normally go to girls always so please STFU. and take your issues else where K thanks.

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    • do you really have to make a big deal about Best answer? people choose Best answers in a varity of ways I agree with the begining of this response but when you start bashing her about BA I'm like wow really down vote

    • lol... that's what I said

  • it depends on the look and the girl. if the girl is naturally hot it will probably look good on her

    • i know it looks good to most women and kids but I'm wondering if most guys think it looks good too.

  • That's too much makeup and work.

    • so you don't like to put the work in to it sometimes?

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