What turns you on in a guy/girl?

Like, when think of somebody and consider dating them, how much does their looks and personality play into it? What percentage is it? 75% personality and 25% looks? what is it for you?

  • Nearly all personality, looks don't matter
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  • About 75% personality, 25% looks
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  • About half and half
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  • About 25% personality, 75% looks
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  • Nearly all looks, personality doesn't matter
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  • I said about half and half. Looks are what starts off the attraction, as shallow as it seems it is true for just about everyone. First impressions are the biggest.

    But, personality is what keeps you there. If someone is drop dead beautiful but I can not connect to at all, I will not want to be with that person.


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  • I would say 50-50 but more leaning towards 40 looks and 60 personality

  • 1/2 and 1/2

  • I can't put a percentage on it, but initially looks matter. if the guy is not attractive, there is no chance of a relationship whatsoever no matter what his personality is like. if the guy is decent looking but doesn't really turn me on, there is a chance that something could happen but it's more on his personality and how we connect. personality always matters though, I would never date a guy if I didn't like him or he wasnt a good person no matter what he looked like. I've turned down a former model because he was a ho and I wasnt trying to be another conquest