Dating a guy who is hotter than yourself?

ok I'm like a 5 and he's like a 9. He likes me , and wants to date me but I can't help but feel bad .

because I know if I date him it will be stressful , because I feel like I don't deserve him , he deserves a perfect girl .but also I like him a lot.

what to do ?

have you ever dated a girl who was less hot? did it work out

have you ever dated a guy who was more hot ?did it work out


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  • looks and physical attributes is not the only criteria for love there's something more than that which includes simplicity,common interest,comfort and many other things which he have found in you ...dnt think like this ...he likes you that's why he is dating u


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  • don't put yourself down. Different people like different sorts. You never know. He could be thinking you're a 9 and he is the 5 and he's worried about it in the same way.

    Every girl I've ever gone out with was hotter than me. In my view of what is attractive I'm like a one whilst if I'm going to do anything with a girl she has to be at least a 6.


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  • Build your confidence know that you are good enough because he choose you


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