Quiet guys, should we bring it up?

If a quiet guy likes a girl and he wears cologne for her, to attract her... you want her to notice it right? But do you want her to tell you that she notices it, by her saying something like "you smell nice" or "what kind of cologne is that? I like it"? What if he wears more than he usto? Do you guys want us to say something?
If he wears more cologne does that say "I want you to notice it and tell me" or just "I want you to notice it"?


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  • Yeah of course, being told you smell nice is always a good thing. Sometimes if nobody comments on it, you go home wondering if it smelt good enough or not. Compliments never hurt anyone :)

  • it might be a bit awkward. maybe he thinks you're making fun of him/he doesn't know how to react.

    • I didn't bring it up.. I'm asking if you would want us to?

    • well, I'm not a quiet guy, but I wouldn't expect her to say anything. "what kind of cologne is that? I like it" can be interpreted in different ways/could backfire. don't get me wrong, guys who wear cologne want her to notice it, but that doesn't mean they want her to say something/talk about it. if you want to boost his ego, better talk about his body (only if he's in shape). "i like your muscles. do you work out a lot?" touch his muscles and smile at him. that's much more effective.

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