How can I go from this to this?

How long will it take to go from this

ht tp:// www .mybodygallery. com/img/18124/1.jpg

to this ht tp:// www .mybodygallery. com/img/2059/3.jpg?

just take out the spaces in each one, not xper 4

I am motivated and have lost 8 pounds so far. Could I do it in 6 months? What can I do to speed up the process even more? Any specific workouts?


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  • with daily exercise 5 or 6 ish months to a year tops.

    • would running 5 days a week about 5k be enough? I am planning on adding in strength routines after I lose a bit more fat

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    • It's fine! good to see I'm not the only one trying to get in shape

    • Running is excellent but Try switching it up when you do, maybe do uphill one day or more miles the other to keep your body from getting used to the pace/workout. That way you lose more. :)

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  • How fast have you lost 8 lbs? and what are you doing?


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  • Extreme dieting and exercising.

    This takes a lot of commitment from your part.

    If I were you I'd write out a diet plan of what I'd eat for the next 6 months (this can be totally do-able).

    To speed up the process try incorporating a lot more of water in your diet (this will cause you to eat less because you will feel more full.)

    -Do a lot of running/jogging/eplitical training.

    -Sit ups

  • yeah, it's totally doable in 6 months, keep doing what you're doing.


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