believe it or not they are my fetish.

actually more of a turn on fetish then an actual fetish, but yeah

just wondering what you're thoughts are on them?

i do think though that if you don't have the body for it, ya shouldnt be wearing them, ya know?, don't flaunt it, if you don't got it.


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  • I l-o-v-e little tiny skirts and dresses because I'm tiny too =]


    i don't look slutty because I'm not curvy. plus I follow the rule: Show leg don't show cleavage/ show cleavage then don't show too much leg.

    But I'm a bigger fan of flouncy flared ones rather than super tiiiiight.

    • Wow and I didn't know that was a rule

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    • That kind of attraction from guys would be "Hey look at that ass!" or "Mmmm she is fine!" and wolf whistles.

      And those guys spend the whole time drooling instead of making a move.

      So while attention is nice, showing a ton of skin isn't always the best way to get it.

      I mean I've gotten tons of up and down looks and "nods" in great jeans.

      So personally I like to leave some things to the imagination. But not too much. I'm not a nun. =D

    • Thats why I like microminis, though it gives a lot of skin, its still there, to leave just a bit to the imagination, very sexy

  • I think some girls can pull them off. Sometimes I like them other times I think "Ew what a skanky ho!" haha. It really depends on the girl. If she has the body, and isn't showing too much skin elsewhere and she's not 30 years old, then it's not a huge deal. As long as she's confident and comfortable.

    • I like them on girls because yeah it shows A LOT of skin, but its still there, ya know?, it still gives a little to the imagination and yeah I guess if you're confident wearing it, then ill take that into consideration, but otherwise just dont, you know?, especially girls with cellulite, it looks terrible

    • Agreed. If you got it flaunt it haha.

    • As I said in the question, haha

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