Why are black/white fashion styles pretty much opposite of each other??

I am speaking mostly about the youth style!

From what I understand about style, it seems to be modern ways to accentuate the human figure.

People wear outfits to make themselves look more attractive and bring out their physical characteristics.

Now, I am pretty sure that the fashion styles are not called "white" or "black" but I am referring to a general example of what people are doing each style.

I have noticed that in many ways the styles are polar opposites.

White men wear hats that look more ruined and worn. The brims are bent or angled in some way. Black men wear hats that look brand new and the brings are perfectly straight. Everything about the hat looks more taken care of!

Baggy jeans vs. Skinny jeans

The types of colors worn on womens vary completely.

White Men wear tight form fitting shirts and Black Men wear very large shirts.

Finally, for professional men. If you go to a bar, white men have their ties off or hanging on their shoulders with shirts unbuttoned. Black men wear super nice suits that look perfect.

One seems super relaxed, almost lazy, and the other seems super confident, almost showy confident.


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  • Where have you been..Black and white people pretty much wear the same thing assuming they're following modern trends. I do agree with the colors thing, I've noticed black girls tend to wear brighter more vibrant colors compared to white girls.

    • I have lived all over Florida, Southern Georgia and Memphis Tennessee. I currently live in central Illinois. I have been to Texas for a long time, as well as Seattle and upstate new york.

      It is everywhere I have been.

      The styles are opposite.

      I wonder, where have YOU been?

    • Rhetorical Question. The styles are not opposite. Everybody where's the same damn thing, I'm 17 I think I know what the youth are wearing seeing as how I run into 300-400+ every time I go to school.

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  • Youre black lol

    • what?

      I am not black though it doesn't matter.

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  • It's somewhat have been bashed together do to the whole skinny jean urban clothing/hipster style.

    • Yeah, there seems to be some mixture in that new style, but the style choices are still opposites.

    • Well yeah, were still distinctively different in our ways.

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