Which Wardrobe Malfunction would be the most embarrassing?

Girls and Guys can pick. I'm asking which would be more embarrasing in general, not for you personally.

If you want you can answer another wardrobe malfunction question I asked. link
  • A boob poping out.
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  • A skirt blowing up or riding up.
    Vote B
  • Your clothing gets ripped or partly comes off.
    Vote C
  • A penis or balls poping out.
    Vote D
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When I say ripped I mean a big ripped, just to put that in there.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I think A is most embarrassing.Its a boob for crying out loud! :/

    • Thanks for BA! :)

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What Girls Said 3

  • B and C have happened to me, no big deal in my opinion.

    • oh, C has never happened. I had my clothes ripped of in public once though and as a result A occurred.

    • that would suck.

  • I have my skirt get blown up a few times, really embarrassing, but the other options would be worse it they were to happen.

  • none of those have happened to me. but I know someone who got her blouse ripped in a party and ended up with a guys jacked on all night.


What Guys Said 1

  • D has happened to me once when I lost a bet at I had to wear my friends sisters shortest skirt. It was a micro mini and also I had to wear one of her panties. We went out to the park and as we were climbing the spider web someone looked up and saw my balls and cock hanging out.


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