Girls, what do you think of this clothing style?

I usually wear sporty clothing, like gym shorts and a T-shirt, but I recently thought of changing stuff up. I like the idea of Alternative band T-shirts (usually the color black) with Khaki/White cargo shorts. Thoughts and opinions would be greatly appreciated, and if you hate it and think I should wear something different, let me know in the answers! Thanks!(:


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  • i think you'd look best in cargo shorts and a polo shirt personally.


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  • What about polo or v neck shirts..or grahic tees

  • I don't know what do you mean but I think sporty clothing will suit you better! :)

    • I mean like, black T-Shirts with band designs on them, usually with their logo on the front paired with cargo shorts. Thanks for your input!(:

    • Oh I think it will look good too, and I think the black color is the best for you! ^^

      You are welcome!

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