What to do with fat thighs?:(

So I have a pear shaped body, I have a really big butt and Thick tights, I have lost about 15 pounds. Unfortunately I also have a lot of cellulite it sucks Because I can't wear skirts or shorts :( I do cardio and leg exercises and a decent diet, I can feel my muscles getting harder but I still have a lot of fat around those muscles. and my but did get a little smaller

So my question is.. If I keep doing squats and all these leg exercises and keep building the leg muscle will it start eating up that cellulite fat? I know I have to do cardio to lose the fat completely but I don't wanna lose my but :( I like my thick shape I just wanna be able to wear skirts or shorts

By the way I'm 5'3 168pnds and 20yrs

Any Advise?


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  • Keep going at it. It takes time to see results. You already lost a lot of weight, don't be discouraged now just because you see cellulite.

    Losing weight is very hard and congratulations on your new body. Just focus on you idea goal and desired body size and in time, you will see plenty of great results.


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  • Muscle... doesn't eat 'nearby' fat. Having more muscle does increase your metabolism, which does help burn more fat, but it doesn't 'eat into' nearby fat.

    To lose the fat, you need to run a calorie deficit. Cardio can help with that, though what you eat matters more.

    To have a nice butt when the fat's gone, you do need the muscle. But you're not literally replacing fat with muscle - you just happen to be doing both at the same time.

    Keep it up.

  • Did I read big butt? That's hot!

  • P90X


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  • At 5'3 & 168, you are overweight(almost obese), so you'll need to do a combination of cardio to burn fat & strength training such as lunges and squats to tighten and tone.

    -30 to 60 minutes of cardio a day such as running, swimming, jump roping etc

    -Strength training 1-2x a week. Mix in weight training(you won't bulk up) and calisthenics(squats and lunges). Yes, squats and lunges will help your thighs and they'll also help tighten and tone your butt up


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