What's the magic?

what does another women do that makes a guy cheat? especially if the man is married with children...what does the other women do that makes them seem so irresistible?

its happened so much around me..sadly to one of my close friends...

i mean, I guess what I really want to know is that a man and a woman make sacred vowes to each other on their wedding day, they wouldn't be married if they weren't in love, obviously. so what makes some men want to risk all they have for the touch of another women?


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  • Boredom, adventure, insatiable lust, genetics, maybe the guy found a woman he loved more than the one he married. Those same examples apply for women who cheat too. I disagree with your statement that all people who marry each other are "in love". Given the divorce rate at like 50%, I really find that hard to believe.

    • Well...isn't it possible for them to be truley in love but given time in the marriage they fall out of it?

    • The concept of "true love" pretty much implies that the two people wouldn't ever fall out of it.

    • No argument for that...

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