Girls: At-home hair dyeing?

Does it work okay? I've never done it.

My hair's dark blond and I want it lighter for spring, like natural golden blonde--- if you have any recommendations for the best at home hair dye, I would love to know.

I just want opinions, because I certainly can't afford doing it professionally.


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  • Yeah. You just have to be careful about it. I haven't used any natural hair colors, though, so I couldn't really recommend anything for you. Although, I would like to say that getting your hair colored at a salon probably isn't as expensive as you'd think. It depends on where you go, though.

  • I have dyed my hair at home in the past and I would not recommend it. It will never look perfect, or exactly how you want it to. All hair dye looks different on different base colors and without a hair stylist to decide which specific blend of dyes will come out just like you want it probably won't look good. I wouldn't recommend dying your own hair.

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