He's used to dating supermodels! Is sexiness more than just looks?

The guy I've been with for a week now, is a gorgeous, gorgeous man. He used to be a pretty succesful model at one time, he's older now, so he's quit but he's used to being around beautiful women all the time. Sometimes it baffles me that he finds someone like me attractive. I mean I am good looking, only not super model material. He tells me, thought, that he thinks I'm downright one of the hottest girls he's ever seen, he keeps telling me how turned on by me he is..and I can't seem to get over the fact that he's used to dating supermodels only! theyre all obviously way better looking than me, and he still thinks I'm stunning.. Is sexiness more than just looks?


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  • Sexiness? No, but maybe he also really loves your personality.


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  • Sexiness is far more than just looks. Personality, self confidence, intelligence, many qualities make up sexiness and more importantly a person. You have to be comfortable with who you are and adopt the attitude you are who you are, not in competition with all other girls and whoever you are with has to like you for who you are. Based on his feedback, you've found that so enjoy

  • yes. Every time. I guess for me it doesn't matter how good looking a woman is, if there's no passion in her, no fire, then I find her far less sexy than an average-good looking woman with some real fire. But that's just personal preference.


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