Guys with tats and piercings?

Where do I find them?! I live in the northeast and I LOVE guys with tats and piercings. I don't have any myself and I have a pretty "normal" look so I don't know if I'm attracting these types, so where can I go to fin them? Aside from tattoo shops obviously, I don't think I can just loiter around one.


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  • gyms...

    Auto supply stores



    • I work out at home so gyms maybe...the other really seen any.

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    • perhaps at a tattoo parlor... This day and age people don't rock tats like that due to how people will judge them... I will say this. Don't go for the guy because of his tats... Go for the guy who treats you right. Who knows he may get a few tats later on.

    • WHAT? I've seen tons of people in different places with arm sleaves and tattoos...Maybe not in YOUR scene. I wouldn't just date a guy for tats. I just find it attractive.

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  • There are a ton of guys with tats...I'm surprised you can't find them. The city is usually full of them.

    • I guess I'm saying guys with A LOT. I don't live in a city. I live in a dead city from the factory age.

  • Meh, were hiding in the gym XD


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