Dyeing my hair at home, any tips?

Does anyone have photos of nice blond hair colors because I want my hair, a naturally ashy dark blond, to be golden and pretty for spring and summer. Any pretty celeb hair colors or hair colors that are a nice blond, but NOT bleached?

And if you have any advice on dying hair at home, let me know!

Also, would I need two boxes? I have very very long hair.


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  • Don't do it at home! Seriously. Leave it to the professionals especially since you're going blond. You need to bleach your hair and strip it of the color since you're going from a dark to a light. There's no other way around it if you want a lighter shade.

    • No, my hair already is blond, like a midtone blond, just not light, and I can't afford professional.

    • It doesn't matter, its still darker than what you want. You still have to strip the color/use bleach.

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