If a hot guy hooks up with you...

does that mean your pretty attractive yourself, or does it not really matter, as long as you're easy?

and what if he asks you to hook up again, does that mean he still (really) finds you attractive?


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  • Oh, there are different levels of attractive.

    There's attractive enough to hook up with.

    And there's attractive enough to tell people about it.

    I would compare it to the difference between a car that you would drive and a car that you would brag about driving.

    • how do I tell if he's told anyone than? lol. oh man, I'm so desperate for an ego boost right now.

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    • Well, you should certainly be flattered to some degree.

      But you should definitely know the nature of your relations with him.

      I doubt you'll be ringing the wedding bells any time soon.

    • yeah, I know its only psychical, thanks.

      I'm not going to do anything else with him, because I'm looking for more of a relationship, even though he is so damn yummy. oh god. haha.

      i just don't have very high self-esteem and so I was surprised he'd even think of me in that way or felt I was that appealing to start a f***-buddy scenario.

      BEST ANSWER TO you :) for conversing with me.

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  • if any guy hooks up with you, they are obviously attracted to you. if you're easy, a guy will lower his physical standards to with you, but not by much. there still has to be physical attraction towards you. if he asks you to hook up again, he is attracted to you.

    • so how low do you think most really good looking guys are willing to go? so does that mean I should be flattered if a really hot guy asks me to hookup again?

  • well there must be some sort of attraction there to sleep with you

    and if he is hot he could take his pick of few girls

    unless he sleeps with a lot of ladies

  • well it definitely means he doesn't think you're ugly if that's anything. I'm a fairly shy person but I think people say I'm good looking (not to brag sry) but I am content with decent looking girls giving me attention. Same with my friend too he's pretty good looking (says some girls) but we both are not the most confident guys so we settle for decent sometimes. Sometimes I even wonder about us and how if we had more self confidence we could probably get with more/better looking girls but we'll never know lol.

  • Only if you don't have the rep. of having a bomb ass vagina or a really good haed game, but a man whore will always have a wider range of selections


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