Why do you think girls put so much emphasis on how they think they should look ?

almost every girl I meet thinks there's something wrong with them, we're either to "fat or to thin", "should we be blond or brunette", "do guys like tall girls or short girls"?

i don't get all this sh*t, why do girls care so much about being perfect for guys ?

since when did a few extra pounds, blond or brunette hair or a few inches in height make a difference and when it did it start defining who we are as a person ?

Why do you think girls put so emphasis on how they think they should look ?


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  • I think this defines her self respect and self standard, she sets a standard and lives up to it, I don't believe girls want to look good just for men, I believe they have respect for themselves and enjoy showing that in the way they look, and to be quite honest, girls don't have to go as far as they do to impress a guy, because I think a girls real beauty comes out when she first wakes up, x


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  • they're only trying to better themselves imo. In my opinion there is no limit to how much you can do to improve your looks and also no limit to how much you can improve your intelligence as well. I think people who don't care to either make themselves appear better looking or make themselves more intelligent are just lazy people.

    • : )

      you can't make yourself taller or shorter, you can't (well shouldn't) dye your hair every other day

      sometimes it's OK to like yourself the way you are

      i think when it comes down to an extra 10 lbs or a few inches in height and some hair color it's a bit excessive though

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    • i agree with you as far as wanting to take care of yourself I understand that completely

    • all intelligences have a genetic limit

  • Because they would rather go through all that hassle to try and lure a fish in, then actually have to put in some work and go get the fish and possibly come home without one. =P It's your matting strategy. The only probably is that bait attracts all kinds of fish. =)

  • um I don't know maybe cus men usually put so much emphasis on looks

    • the media picks women apart I see them calling girls that probably weigh 120lbs fat but if they weigh 100lbs they have a eating disorder, to me that's degrading.

      it's a terrible influence on girls and it just encourages them to think they have to look a certain way. And for what ?

      I understand working out, eating good, wearing make up, doing your hair etc. and wanting to look good but it's to the point where it's excessive sometimes

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    • they call girls like kim k, jessica simpson fat all the time

      i even saw someone say miley cyrus was fat the other day, it was actually on my MSN homepage.

      she literally went from to fat to being to skinny and having a eating disorder within the same week

    • yeah but its cus of how much they weigh its cus of what their bodies looks like, in kim k's case she is really curvy wich is fat to some people

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  • The media places so much emphasis on it all. Also, male standards.

    Human beings influence easily.. its prominant in everything we say and do.. Not all, but most.

    • very true the media influences so much

      i quit watching anything to do with celebrities because it's so degrading all they do is talk about women being to thin or to fat, it's obnoxious

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    • I agree. I recently started ignoring the media and celebs. I keep myself clean stay out of makeup and style my hair. Hubby thinks I'm adorable without that sh*t and loves the fact that I don't have love self esteem.

    • how is expecting them to take of themselves degrading

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