How to give myself a good blow-out?

Ok, in magazines it says to sit down, use a boar brush when blow-drying, and do it in a room where you didn't shower so there is not as much humidity in the air. Also, I try to do this on low humidity days to begin with.

Unfortunately, every time I try to blow out my hair, it gets really big. Straight, but with WAY too much volume. Does this ever happen to you, and how do you fix it so that the hair looks sleek?


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  • Some people's hair texture does not work with blow drying. Like mine. I also get lots of volume which some girls would kill for but it's not really what I want. So what you read in magazines do possibly work but probably only for people with a relatively normal hair type. The only way to fix this is by using a flat iron afterward. Some other practical tips though is to wait a while before blow drying your hair so it's not soaking wet. Get a better hair dryer (sometimes this is the culprit. What you use to blow dry and straighten with is sometimes the missing link), use a shampoo and conditioner that can lessen the thickness of your hair like Lee Stafford Poker straight shampoo and conditioner (I use this and it decreases my hair thickness like there's no tomorrow), use a serum afterward when your hair has lots of volume to bring it down and don't ever blow dry your hair by bending over to get to the other side of your hair. This is like a hair volume war breaking out. This is what will cause your hair to get lots of added volume which you don't want.

    But just remember that if it does not work out it does not mean it's your technique. Hair type and texture plays a big role in hair styling and for people like me who do have a little bit of volume and wave can struggle cause mainstream hair techniques don't work. But at least a flat iron can fix anything. I personally wash my hair, then wait about 15 minutes, then I blow dry my hair messy for another 5 minutes and then I section my hair by blow drying smaller pieces with my flat iron brush from Denman. After another 15-20 minutes I'll start to flat iron my hair which takes 10-15 minutes as well.

    • Thank you! I will try this.

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