What is your view on weaves?

guys what do you think about weaves.

girls of all different ethnic backgrounds where tracks,and weaves and extensions. so men what do you think of it?


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  • I'd prefer they didn't use them. I don't think they are generally needed. It's just another fake thing girls use to attract guys, I suppose.

    • who said weaves are for men

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    • not really I do it for me.

      i wear weaves sometimes for fullness and volume

    • Because it makes you more attractive

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  • I've never worn a weave and will never. What is the point of hiding my natural hair? Biology made me the way I am so why should I change it like that? I wear my hair natural (rare for a black girl lol)

    • not as rare as you think. where I live black girls have men coming out with there natural hair more. when I go to church "which is a black church' I can't turn the corner without seeing natural hair. curly,dreads,afro,etc..its like its a epidemic lol

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    • idk

      i thought about going natural myself

    • It's so much fun :) I had an locks for 16 years because my family is rasta. Then I had an afro for two. I relaxed it a year ago (to make it more manageable and now I am growing out my hair, because I wanna see how long I can wear it natural.

  • Nothing wrong with them (as long as they look good, and don't look obvious).

    One day when I have lots of money Imma get a weave :P

  • my boyfriend hates it but I feel that if YOU like it than rock it! I like to change up my hair styles. I like long, short, bobs, adding color ,etc. extensions are a good way to change up your look.


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