E.L.F cosmetic products?

Girls, do you own any E.L.F products?

If so, are they good and worth purchasing?

Also, I heard about a lot of girls using the NYX eye pencil in Milk, can you explain where I can purchase these, other than online?


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  • if you are from canada here is a store locator for where nyx products are sold link

    if you are from the US here is a store locator for where nyx products are sold


    Also I do not own any elf products but I plan on purchasing some things from there. Lots of beauty gurus on YouTube own ELF products and recommend them and have them in their videos and they seem to be good quality, especially for the price.

    heres a couple other sites with good quality/cheap price makeup stuff :) hope this helped



    • Thanks for the links! :} I put in a order for some Elf products last night. It seemed to me like a really good deal, and very cheap. Hopefully they turn out good!

    • No problem and I am sure theyll turn out good :)

  • ELF.. is really cheap and is pretty decent quality.. I own some elf products.. and you can get NYX at some drugstores.. also ulta has and I'm almost positive sephora should.. if not target definitely does

    • Thanks! I'm going to take a look around the drug stores around my town and hope they have them. :)