GIRLS what's your opinion on a foot tattoo?

I want to get a tattoo somewhere that is only visible by what I wear, but is cheap. I like the idea of a foot tattoo cause its only visible if I wear flip-flops or no shoes at all. I thinking about getting a quote from one of my songs or the Chinese symbol. So GIRLS what's your opinion on foot tattoo (and where on the foot) on guys please give opinions on all the following places?

1) classic image on top of the foot.

2) a quote right above the four small toes

3) a quote around my ankle

4) a quote only on the front of my ankle

5) a quote or image on the inside of my foot,


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  • Hmm I haven't really seen too many guys with foot tattoos but if you're seriously considering getting one I would suggest the side of your foot (for the quote) and you can incorporate a small image with it as well.

    What is the quote anyways? I'm curious.


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  • 3) I think. I myself got no tatoos, but I like them. some friends of mine got beautiful tatoos.

    here are my advice.

    how about ”?“(love)?

    how about ”????“ on your back? haha..(that's from a Chinese joke.)

    . Anyway, good luck.

  • I don't think its homo at all. lol takes a man to get a tattoo on the foot haha. its really quite painful and I think you should get it on the side of your foot. (:

  • no I think it will be okay


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