What do you consider "fat"?

I always hear people calling others fat, but in my eyes their not fat their just big, or slightly overweight.

So I am very curious to what you really consider "fat" to be? How much does the person weigh, or what size are his/her clothes to make them fat in your eyes?

Also would you date a fat, obese, curvy, big person or have you ever?


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  • Well I don't like to use the word "Fat" but the technical term for someone who is overweight is what most people would considered fat. IF the person is supposed to be 175, and they are 195, technically they are overweight, but that's how it is.

    Personally, I think its wrong to label someone whose overweight as "fat" because it only adds on top of their insecurity as it is. In my eyes, I don't mind some extra baggage, but I don't find someone who is close to 250 lbs to 300 lbs attractive. IF its only 40 lbs overweight, I wouldn't even consider it an issue, and yeah I have dated an BBW before for 3 years. She was stunningly beautiful and carried herself properly, I think that's why I didn't ever think much about her body other then her breasts or butt when it came to sexual actions in the bedroom. Other then that, I never thought much about it.


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  • You all say "fat" like it is a bad thing.

    I happen to like bigger women. Prefer them over skinny girls. I want them to have some shape but not be bulging over into unhealthy proportions if you know what I mean.

  • I think it just depends on the person and their height. For me it's when say your belly really starts to hang and crease. Now as much as I like some gut, even I have to draw the line.

  • if you wear a size 20 or larger you are fat, but anything less than that you are not. there is nothing wrong with being fat people look the best that way!

  • Honestly I think a person is fat when there like 20lbs+ overweight then what they should be.

    • What you said is wrong. It really depends on your height.

      Think about it. 20 lbs is a big difference on someone who's 5'4", but it makes less difference on someone who's 6'5".

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    • But, you mentioned 20 lbs - without specifying 20 lbs of what. Still, it depends on your height either way. Besides, they have scientific measure to measure if you're overweight or not, so we really don't have to argue this. I just wanted to point something out.

    • Thanks for being technical.

  • Fat is when you exceed your bmi

    • what's bmi?

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    • Thanks for the down vote.

    • LOL. I didn't do it. I'm not going to up vote it either, because you actually got it wrong a little. There's no such thing as exceeding your BMI. You always have a BMI as long as you have a body.

      There's only exceeded the normal range. That's really what you mean.

  • Excessive body fat ratio?

  • Have you even looked up the word "fat" in the dictionary? What makes you think that other people should share your definition of the word "fat"?

    Fat is fat. You're fat if you're overweight, chunky, chubby, plump, obese, or any of the words that are synonymous with the word "fat".

    Why do you feel the need to fudge around with the word "fat"? It's like you want to use different words because that one hurts your feelings so much. But, what does it get you?

    "Oh! You're not fat Eric, you're just big-boned." Well, Cartman, that's exactly what big-boned means, it means that you're fat. Trying to come up with different labels for the word doesn't make you any less healthy.

    I myself am not a skinny man. My BMI is 28.1, which is over the healthy range. I am at a higher risk of heart disease and will likely live a shorter life than those whose BMI is between 18.5 and 25.

    By me trying to use a different label for my condition, doesn't help me live longer. And, sure as Hell doesn't make me more attractive-looking either. Why do I want to avoid my problem by calling myself something else? How can I ever hope to get better if I don't accept that I have a problem in the first place?

    That's why I hate to hear people like you talk like that. Maybe you come from a family of fat people who all try to make excuses for yourselves by calling yourselves not fat. But, that isn't right. You have to accept that you have a problem, before you can ever hope to begin fixin your problem.

    I hope that you start living a healthy lifestyle and you don't have to resort to calling yourself something other than fat in order to help your self esteem. I wish you the best of luck in your life

    • And, let me point out something here. It' not like I wouldn't date a fat girl, because I myself am fat. But, fat girls, if given the opportunity, will go out with a skinny guy. That's just how it works.

      Yet, if I'm honest about all of this, people get mad and rank my answer down.

    • I'm so happy to see someone else use the word "fudge"! :D

    • I always say people should accept themselves for how they are. The term "Be yourself" is very important to me. The reason why I asked this question was because I don't see a point of others judging people for their size. Whether their fat, big obese. And in my opinion there is a difference between all the names. You wouldn't put a 600 pound obese woman into the same category as a "chunky" girl who is maybe 20 pounds overweight.

  • cellulite. it's absolutely disgusting no matter how women try to rationalize it.

    • I can't believe so many people marked his answer down? What's there to disagree with? It's true, why would you rank this one down?

    • you're not allowed to post anything that makes women insecure. this website is a pile of shet

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  • Well, personally I think there's a definite grey area that gets lost a lot of the time when people are automatically categorizing others and their weight. That grey area is being "overweight", which imo, of course isn't healthy but at the same time isn't fat - at least not in the most informed sense of the word.

    Anyhow, I consider "fat" to be when an individual has reached a state of excess weight to the point where it poses *serious* health risks to them - whether that be at the time or down the road since the potential for them to occur has already been established. Now imo, someone who is overweight would be someone who is carrying excess weight to the point where it is laying the groundwork for serious health problems down the road to occur and beginning that process of where the weight is no longer a "neither here nor there" sort of thing but rather a "this is *starting* to really interfere with my health and is serving me negatively in my everyday life" sort of thing. It's not just a black and white, you're either "skinny" or "fat". As with anything, a person's weight is a process, and no one jumps from one end to the other in one leap; so I don't think it's fair for people to categorize others in a way that applicably treats it as such.

    As well, I think it's important to note that BMI can sometimes be misleading considering how generalized a tool it is for such a vast array of individuals with differing bodies, body shapes, etc. I'm not saying it's not reliable at all, since for a lot of people it is a good first tool to help give them a sense of where they may stand in relation to others and what is considered a generalized "healthy" weight for their height and gender. But it's just that there are always exceptions to the rule, and when hundreds of millions of people are all using a set of generalized criteria to figure out something that is so personalized and dependent upon the individual and their own frame, metabolic rate, etc. that it *may* (and often does prove) to not be accurate for them. It's always best to go by how you feel, how you look in the mirror, coupled with personalized advice that is tailored to you and how your body works from medical professionals.

    • How you feel and how you look in the mirror is wrong. What about anorexics? They have a mental disease that makes them always feel that they're fat and they see a fat person in the mirror every time - even if they're on the verge of dying.

      Our feelings can be misleading. The BMI isn't the most accurate metric, but it's still better than our emotions.

      I try my best to live my life by logical reasoning rather than my emotions.

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    • never said *all* people." For some people, going by what their body says and/or how they physically feel is appropriate. For others who either suffer from an extremely distorted sense of self-image or are receiving skewed signals from their bodies because they are so heavy or underweight, going by advice from medical professionals is best. And for some a combination of different things is the most appropriate. Anyhow, I'd appreciate it if you would stop nitpicking at every little thing in my

    • answer. I spared you the courtesy of doing it to yours (albeit it's now anonymous up at the top). And regardless, I stand by what I've said in my answer and what I've said is hardly off-mark when it comes to this topic. My point is that people are different, which is why the best method for anyone is to rely on a combination of things that is appropriate for them, their individual bodies, and their own situations.

  • I don't think it's about numbers really

    It varies person to person, people carry weight differently in different areas. Gaining weight effects short people a lot more than tall people as so on.

    You really have to look at each person and say if they are fat

  • Fat to me (for females) is a BMI over 18.

    Yeah. I have high standards.

  • fat is when you are of an unhealthy size.

  • if your bmi is above what is considered healthy I guess

    if your really over weight, go for people who are alsoover weight. its not fair for you to expect to date someone who is at a healthy weight while you are not.

  • Most guys won't date a fat girl because they've being programmed to expect/pursue thinner girls since birth even though they don't deserve it. Stick around GAG long enough and you'll notice how some guys cry because they can't get a girlfriend, even though the girls they pursue are 9s and 10s while they're only 5s and 4s. Yet while some of these ugly guys are making more money than others, they still think they deserve better.

    • Of course the guys who make more money deserve better. Ambitious people who are willing to work hard in life deserve better things, it's only right.

      The thing is, I don't hear you defending ugly men with no money. Why don't you go date some jobless, ugly loser if you think things are so unfair?

      The thing about girls like you, is that many times you are 5's or 4's yourselves but crave the 9's and 10's. Yet, you are unwilling to change in order to get the men you want.

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    • First off, there aren't that many ugly rich guys in the first place. Because, with enough money, you can buy yourself better looks anyways. And, even if they are ugly, the only reason why they are rich is because society values them.

      That girl could be with him for his money, or it's because he's a winner and that's what she sees in him, or because he's really smart and she's attracted to that. Even if he was good looking, can we be certain that she loves him for his "heart" anyways?

    • This is part of the reason some rich guys don't tell girls they are rich because they want to be loved for who they are not their money. I understand that.

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