Am I a pretty girl?

I've always been curious to know how pretty I am. Many people tell me I'm very pretty (guys and girls) so I was just curious to know if they just mean like average pretty or more or what.

Physical description

-oval face, very blue eyes, long healthy hair, white teeth, supposedly a very nice proportional nose, full lips, flat stomach, C cup, supposedly a butt...(this is weird lol, anyway...)

I'm often in a good mood and I smile a lot. It's hard for me to believe guys would be attracted to me as more then a friend tho. Little boys also often have crushes on me, little girls tell me I'm pretty, also guys and girls my age and adults. Do you really think this means I'm very pretty or could I be just normal pretty?

Actually, I have always been about personality over looks. I do not want guys to like me for looks but for me, I am confident. I was just in "that kind of mood" we get every so often when I wrote this question. It's dumb but I'm over it now. Thnx


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  • If a lot of people tell you that you're pretty, you project an air of positivity, you have a nice body, little kids love you (kids are brutally honest, if you were ugly they'd tell you), then that means you're really pretty. a person who's just normally pretty will probably get attn. just only every once in a while from a few people.


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  • You sound like you might fit some people's preconceptions about prettiness, based on your "specifications." But in the end, it's all for naught if your personality needs work.

    Different people like different things--no one is attracted to everything. One person might find you voluptuous while another might find you too curvy. In the end, looks aren't everything, so don't focus too much on vanity. If people tell you that you're "very pretty," take their word for it.

  • Well if you really want to know what people think, post a picture. There's no way we can tell you if you're pretty or not based on your own physical description. Still, what matters is your own confidence.

    • Lol, if a post a picture of myself, if someone I know comes one here, then I'll be sooo embarrassed lol.

    • Ah psh, you're too self conscious. What could possibly happen if someone found you using this site, at worst you would be able to turn the tables on them for using it too!

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  • I just want to ask you one question? Do you think that you are pretty? Because at the end of the day, regardless of what anyone says that is what is going to matter the most.

    If you want to know if you are pretty, because it will help you get a boyfriend or I dunno for whatever reason, then stop that deluding thought ... right here and right now.

    The one thing that I think gets you through this life is confidence. I don't care if you are butt ugly, if you have the confidence within yourself then you have the ability to have and achieve anything that you want.

    Its kind of pointless to ask whether you are pretty or not. Because at the end of you can't control what other people think of you anyways. Like I say in a lot of my other responses, why don't you try and focus on things that you can control.

    Like how bout focusing on all the good qualities about you and not just on your looks. N from your description you sound pretty.But no matter how pretty you are no one is going to notice you,if you walk around with this " I don't know if I'm pretty" look on your face.

    Neways those are just my thoughts, so all the best with it =)

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  • These questions are REEAAAAAAALLLLY starting to bug me.

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