Going to hang out with the guy I like don't know what to wear!?

what should I wear, I have longish legs I'm tallish I have a slimish figure also how should I wear my hair and makeup plus I like him and he may like me but I owe him cuddles and a kiss so lol no red lipstick ;) uhm oh and my face I have freckles but not so much that it covers my face and I have deep blue eyes and I have paleish skin and I have dark brown hair with blondish-ginger underneath. please and thank you guys and girls will make good advice


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  • where something that accentuates you legs and cross them when sittin accross from him so that your calves bulge out and look ripe and sexy this is a huge turn on. I like long hair. Lick your lips a bit an wear some nice shiny gloss on em that really gets us going.


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  • Wear anything that you are comfortable in, he won't care how you wear your hair...you sound pretty hot to me... don't get carried away on the makeup leave the crap off the cheeks and for gawd's sake no clown or pancake face...YUCK!...o.O

    • lol never use blush don't need any of that my cheecks will be naturally red :P and thankyou

  • It has to be appropriate for what you're doing. What will you two be doing besides making out etc...

    • it's a kiss don't know if its going to be lips or cheek yet depends on how confident I feel, and I don't know yet but probably just walking around and sitting down somewhere like a field or something

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    • it says rain but its most likely going to change by then

    • Well like I said, firm up your plans before asking

  • Wear what make you comfortable.


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