I want my hair to grow, but I'm too insecure. Help?


this is what my curls look like link (while damp/wet, but you will get the point lol)

link obviously I'm not nearly as pretty as her.

but I think this is the most accurate and closest to what mine looks like link but mine is shoulder length when curly

anyways, I want healthy long hair. I cut it three years ago because everyone said I should iron it to make it straight. I ironed so much, I had to cut most of it off.

growing it out would mean leaving it look curly for several months or only straightening it once a month...

i don't think I could do it.

people don't like me as much when my hair is curly. I don't look good with my natural hair. but if I keep straightening it, it will fall out and never grow...

idk what to do... I sometimes wear my hair curly a few times a weak every other week... but its so hard. I know how ugly curly hair is, please don't stress that too much...

i don't even think my boyfriend thinks I'm pretty when my hair is curly... I don't know what to do.


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  • I have curly hair. Not quite like yours but similar. I'm constantly getting compliments. My boyfriend loves it. Even the other day when it was a wreck and I literally looked like a female version of Einstein, he told me it was cute. Point is, people should just like your hair. Including your boyfriend. Even if they don't like it, just ignore them. If they're truly good people they'll like you whether or not your hair is straight. Curly hair is beautiful!


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  • I think you're putting too much emphasis on what others are thinking instead of yourself. What do you want? Do you want to leave it curly or straighten it? Do you want it to grow longer like in the pictures or leave it as is?

  • Naturallycurly.com might help...maybe wear a ponytail


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