Where should I look for this stuff?

I have a couple of questions...and I hope they make sense. I like know how to dress myself but I'm not good with jewelry or anything that's not a very simple outfit. Also, I have a dress code (straps have to be 2 fingers width and a dress has to be 2 inches above the knee or you can have leggings under it or something idr)

First one is: Does anyone know where to get a nice cardigan? I've been looking forever and some either have like a weird flair or like a higher back. If that makes sense I'm looking for like a normal everyday, simple cardigan that stops at the top of your hips (not multiple levels).

Second: I need to get a shirt likeee: link

Third: I'm looking for a blazer and ANYTHING else I would need/want that's professional and cute for an internship I am doing (business attire, possible events) link

Fourth: What are some everyday clothes that a girl should just have? Fashion tips?


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  • First; you can get a regular cardigan at a lot of places. Try H&M or Urbanoutfitters

    Second; Banana Republic, although the buttons might be different. I'm sure you can change/sew different ones on if you really want to.

    Third; Anywhere I listed, especially H&M. Bebe can have some good professional clothes as well, so does Guess.

    Fourth; a good pair of jeans that fit. Basic v-neck tops for casual clothes. Cute accessories that can make an outfit. A good pair of boots/everyday shoes that are cute. It all depends on your own style and taste in clothes. The best thing to do is to get the basics (jeans, leggins, shorts, v necks, etc) and then add onto them to make the outfit with something different for everyday wear. You can never go wrong with having cute/sexy dresses in your closet either, you never know when they will be needed.

    Most importantly; dress your body! You want to wear things that flatter YOU. Always pick the right size. If you look good in a color then get clothes in that color!


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