I need help asap regarding coloring hair!!!

I get my hair dyed probably twice a year so not often at all. Well I just got it done, and she went a little too light for my pleasing. I don't exactly want to go back and have it re done. Is there any coloring I could buy? If so, what do you recommend and tips on how to do it since I've never done it at home before? Or what would you do if you were me? PLEASE HELP!


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  • sure just buy the hair color you want at wallmart or so and you can do it at home but if you are blond be careful because if you dye them brown it could become orange or a strange kind of red, if you have brown hair and want to dye it darker there is usually no problem but this will probably also not be very healthy for your hair

    • thanks for best answer :)

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  • Why don't you just go back to the salon and say you aren't happy with the color? They will more than likely fix it for you for free because they want their customers to be happy.

    If you don't want to do that, you run the risk of dying it yourself at home and being even more unhappy with the color. Especially since you have no experience coloring your own hair.

  • The hair coloring at home kits that I use is the John Frieda line. I've never had any issues with them, and used the product about 4 times already, and had great turn-outs.



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