Which body type is most attractive to you?

The options are included in the poll. When there is a "/" the options of the poll before the "/" are intended for those attracted to guys and the options after the "/" are intended for those attracted to girls. The ones with only one word are pretty much because both girls and guys can have body types like that.

Muscular - I mean guys who clearly work out a lot. Not bodybuilder big, but more like a football (American) or rugby player.

Athletic - This includes pretty much all sports that girls are playing. This could be dancing, soccer, basketball, anything

Toned - I think of this as sort of the magazine model type body but obviously not as great. Some muscle/tone but not too much for guys and not a lot of curves for girls.

Skinny - Pretty much what it sounds like, but I'm not talking about bone thin I'm more just talking people on the low side of normal or maybe just a bit underweight.

Big - These are typically guys who are bit chubby and tall and muscular but don't fit in with option A.

Curvy - This is sort of self-explanatory

If you don't think any of the options is what you prefer, feel free to elaborate :D
  • Muscular (for guys) / Athletic (for girls)
    Vote A
  • Toned (but not curvy)
    Vote B
  • Skinny (but not bony)
    Vote C
  • Big (for guys) / Curvy (for girls)
    Vote D
  • Other (explain)
    Vote E
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Average...


    not saying I love Shia Lebeoff but I like his body type.

    • My guess is that this is close to toned, but yes I should have put an option for average

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What Girls Said 8

  • Maybe I'm just weird but body type doesn't really affect how attracted I am to someone... to me almost all body types are fine! Extreme bodies are a turn off though, eg. very muscular, very skinny or very overweight.

  • In the middle of chubby and slim. So no visible abs and such, but still no real flap. ;)

  • \ /

  • B or C

  • Bring on the pecs! I love beefy guys

  • I find muscular guys more attractive :)

  • muscular guys ya.. then toned :)

  • I like a bit of meat on my man. I don't like them to be super skinny, but if they have meat on their bones it feels more protective to me.


What Guys Said 1

  • Curvy. It's all in the name and very feminine

    • What sort of survey? In my view of survey, there would be a bit of stomach and would be on the higher end of the healthy weight range.

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    • What you described Bella is curvy as well. I think pretty much any women who is curvy up to the point that they are more than a little overweight is what I would be describing here. There are obviously variations, but I couldn't account for that with 5 poll options :D

    • Thank you for explaining this :)

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