How to attract girls who like what they can't have...

I'm attracted to this girl, who I know wants what she can't have. I'm not head over heals for her because I know she's the dangerous kind anyway (which of course makes me like her even more). I don't call her everyday or anything, just maybe once or twice a week. I keep the conversations short. Also I am not "friends" with her, meaning I don't try to hang out with her as friends.

What makes a girl finally break her walls down and actually goes after what she can't have.


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  • I think the best strategy is start flirting with other girls, and SHOW HER WHAT SHE CANT HAVE.

    Then right after go up to her and NOT flirt... just be normal. she'll probably think why is he not flirting with me... and flirt your ass off with other girls, especially when she is looking or around.

    Then one day, if you are sure she likes you, out of the blue, when her game plan is down, tell her if she wanna go out... obviously have a plan in your head on where to go.

    Basically until there is signs she likes you, show her what she can't have, and even if you get her don't start to slip, still show her what she can't have and control...

  • This sounds kind of Kamikaze, but you might just have to go straight for the jugular on her. You may have to be super super direct, and maybe a little raw/rude. It's a 50/50 shot that that will turn her on, or steer her away.

    Otherwise, you pretty much have to keep doing what you're doing, and wait for her to grow up. (Or see her at a party where your both drunk and then Booyah!)

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