Girls, do you alter what sort of top you wear, with different bottoms

Dresses are easy because you don't have to choose what you're going to wear with it (unless some of you decide to wear leggings or tights with it) but when you wear jeans and skirts and short have to choose what sort of top you're going to wear with it. Do you wear the same type of top with every bottom, or do you alter them from time to time?


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  • Nope. I dress pretty simple normally. A nice shirt, with jeans. I don't alter, I just throw on whatever I grab from my closet.


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  • I alter them. It's a way to switch your look up and have fun with fashion as well as be appropriate for situations

  • you can wear any top with any bottom.

    i mean as long as the colors/patterns don't clash and they're appropriate for the weather.


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