Attractive girls always get boyfriend or significant other

I tried to approach attractive girls but they saying they have boy toy or whatever. Did it mean they think I'm unattractive? I'm thinking about getting unattractive girlfriend like me. Could I go for it?


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  • i feel timing is EVERYTHING! I feel there are a lot of hot chicks not seeing anyone..i met a lot of unhot people with bf!u haved to be attracted to someone to be in a relationship! just don't settle for ..and what the hell is that? they sound like they are not ready for a boyfriend so you might be targeting the wrong chick lol! find someone that is interested in a relationship obviously they are not!

    • Maybe I take misread girls by smile or friendly as approaches but I realize they are just friendly to me. Well, I tried to find someone who love to be with me, but right now it harder.

    • good things take time.its always hard to find someone that has all the things you want!thats why when it happens you appriciate it! I mean I feel I settle because of fear ..sux

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  • Maybe you aren't approaching the right girls. Maybe you should focus on girls personalities first and worry about their attractiveness.

  • How are you going about your approach?

  • If they have another boyfriend, then that's that... how are you approaching them when you're wanting to ask them out?

    • i just asked girls if they would interested in hang out with me for movie or dinner to get know each other.

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