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Im thinking about getting a tongue ring. But I'm afraid if I get one my soon to be boyfriend won't like it or any guys for that matter, won't want to make out. Does it matter - what would you want or wouldn't want?


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    Tongue rings are for circus folk and side shows.

    You kids all think you look so cool when you all get your varoius piercings and bolts all through your body.,In reality looks terrible.

    Actually I think a girl is sexier with no tattoo or piercings,stick to earings and don't get fat

    Wear a miniskirt.

    This is coming from a guy who has played in a few bands In the Boston Metal Scene

    And I've met all kinds of sleazy girls , believe ME !

    That is where all of this started , not necessarily in Boston ,but in the Thrash Metal and Hardcore Music crowds.

    The rest of you little girly girls and Fag Boys who do this are all just wannabee's


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  • Ick. I can't think of much that is grosser (eyebrow rings and lip rings might qualify). Girls (and guys) with tongue rings are always playing with them like kids who can't keep their gum in their mouth. Yuck. It would be a big turn-off for me.

  • tongue rings are awesome! A girl I was close to got one and it was nothing but sexy. If you get a bad reaction you can just take it out and let it heal over or put in the flesh tone stud so it can't even be seen. I say go for it though.

  • Personally, other than the ears, I really don't like piercings. On the other hand, I know some guys who go absolutely nuts over piercings. Try asking him what he likes, if you are concerned about it.


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