How do you feel when you walk by and you think s.o. looks at you?

Recently something comes to my: A lot of girls or women who walk me by tends to either look down or turn their head to the other side. Even if I'm not looking at you. Sometimes I accidently look in the same direction as you come by, yet you kinda feel awkward, don't you? Why do you do this? Ok, maybe I'm not the most attractive guy but I'm for sure not that disgusting. So, why do you turn your head away? (From what I've experienced girls tend to look away while guys tend to respond by looking back.)

let me restate: most of the girls tend to look down on the earth.


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  • OK I'm going to be totally honest with you. They are just not interested and they don't want to look back at you and give you any hope that they are interested. Also, you can't just stare down every girl you see...I'm not saying you are but just if you try to make eye contact with every attractive girl you see, you aren't going to get good results. If they look back at you, they think that they are giving you permission to approach them and they don't want you to approach them.

    • The truth hurts...but thanks anyway! please more honest answers. honest answers wil rewarded as "best answers"! Seriously, right now you got the best chances! :)

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